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What's in it for U?

University Upgrade Applauded

Telegram & Gazette (September 5, 2010) :: Founded as a normal school in 1874, Worcester State followed a similar track. When it became a teachers college, the school moved to its current location on Chandler Street. Lea Ann Scales, assistant vice president of public relations and marketing for Worcester State, said the school became Worcester State College in 1963, acknowledging it had already changed into a liberal arts and sciences college. This year's change marks the second time the school's focus had already shifted by the time the state allowed the name change, she said.
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Colleges Plan For 'University' Conversion Costs
Switch will cost little but must be funded in-house
Worcester Business Journal (August 16, 2010) :: Lea Ann Scales, assistant vice president of public relations and marketing at Worcester State University, said WSU is now taking stock of all the changes it will have to make. Scales said WSU’s conversion will not result in any increases to tuition or fees.
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A Matter of Degrees
The minor tweak and major effects of Worcester State’s name change

Worcester Magazine (July 21, 2010) :: The bill sitting on Governor Deval Patrick’s desk would change the title of nine state colleges to universities in one fell swoop. The move follows the trend of 45 other states who have made a similar switch in the name of increased prestige and funding.

Among students, there is excitement... “People say what’s in a name, but it really does mean a lot,” says Worcester State junior Patrick McCauley. “It means a lot more to graduate from a university in terms of jobs and graduate schools.”  Click here to read more


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(NECN: Kenneth Craig, Worcester, Mass.) - College campuses are typically quiet during
the summer, but right now at Worcester State, there is buzz surrounding a name change
for the school.

Leaders say they are looking forward to their school becoming a state university.
Massachusetts' other five state colleges will also adopt the new status.

Reporter Kenneth Craig has the story.

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