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RIAA and MPAA Complaint Policy


To outline the University's response to complaints by RIAA, MPAA (or similar organizations) of potential copyright violations.



The University will support the rights of copyright owners of intellectual or creative property.



  • Formal complaints originating from documented copyright holders (or their legal agents) will be investigated by the University; such requests may be forwarded to the University's legal counsel for approval, depending upon the nature of the specific complaint.
  • All WSU users are expected to adhere to the University's Network Acceptable Use Policy and Copyright and Protected Content Policy.
  • At minimum, the University will require that users identified in a formal complaint remove any copyrighted material(s), in violation, from personal and University-owned devices if the complaint is confirmed.
  • Failure to adhere to University policies regarding network acceptable use and the protection of copyrighted materials may result in the suspension of WSU network and email accounts.

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Approved By: Managers and CIO


Date of Origination: 5/2/2008


Last Reviewed:  3/30/2012


Last modified at 3/30/2012 10:42 AM  by Ramsdell, Nancy