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Laptop Use On or Off-Campus


Define WSU owned Laptop use on or off-campus; define storage on laptops on or off campus.



WSU Issued laptops are provided for business use only.


WSU Issued laptops are provided for business use only.  No WSU confidential data should be stored on a laptop's hard drive.  Network storage is available from on and off campus (see Additional Information below).  Laptops should only be used off-campus for business purposes, unless specifically permitted in writing by your supervisor, laptops should not be taken on vacation or personal travel. All users issued a laptop, whether temporary or long-term, will need to agree to and sign a current Equipment 'Loan' Form.  If long-term issuance - inventory control database will be updated to reflect 'holder' and HR will be notified in the event of termination/job action.




Additional Information:

Instructions for VPN and Google Documents are available at



Approved By: Managers & CIO


Date of Origination: 8/23/2006


Last Modified: 08/01/2012

Last modified at 8/1/2012 9:02 AM  by Ramsdell, Nancy