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LMS Supplements


Identify supported and unsupported features of the WSU learning management system.



Features built into the learning management software are supported by WSU Information Technologies.  Documentation is available on the UTS website for most, if not all, of these supported features. Supplemental add-on products (such as publisher course cartridges) are not specifically supported.  Any supplemental third-party content is considered self-supported and must comply with the version and code of the existing learning management software and support provided by vendor/publisher.



There are many features available in the current learning management system (Bb).  Some include the ability to apply external supplements (publisher cartridges, testing banks, GUI interfaces etc.)  These are considered add-ons and may not be specifically supported by WSU.  While UTS will make every effort to continually improve and post documentation on how to use Blackboard, it is impossible to provide personal assistance for each third party product.  Users should seek assistance and documentation for these products from the vendor at time of purchase/subscription. 


Additional Information:

Additionally, any supplemental products must comply with the version and code of the existing learning management software.  No internal changes to the University's LMS software will be made to accommodate a supplemental product.



Approved By: Managers and CIO


Date of Origination: 5.24.2006


Last Review: 7.11.2012

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