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Data Backup and Archival Policy


To define the University's policy regarding data backup and archival





All data that resides on centrally maintained WSU servers will be backed up and archived on a regularly scheduled basis.





Data backup cycle:
**A full backup is completed each Saturday evening, midnight
**Daily incremental backups are completed each Sunday through Friday
**Daily backups are kept for 15 days
**At the end of each month, a full backup is retained for twelve months
**At the end of each year, a full backup is retained for two years




Additional Information:

**Starting September 1, 2008, primary backup will be directed to the University's secondary data center in a drive-based format as outlined in the scheduled defined above.
**Secondary backups will be directed to removable media as outlines in the schedule defined above.  Secondary backups will be stored in a safe located on campus proximate to the secondary data center.
**Tertiary backups will be directed to removable media on a monthly basis. 
**On a monthly basis, an audit will be performed on secondary and tertiary backup media
**Any exceptions to the backup schedule and processes outlined above will be recorded in a central backup exception log.
**Backup processes logs will be examined each working day.
**Logs will be kept at both the removable media backup device and the tape safe to track location of removal media
**Under no circumstance shall removal media be left unsecured and unattended



Approved By: Managers and CIO


Date of Origination: 5/22/2007


Date of Review:  3/21/2012


Last modified at 3/21/2012 12:11 PM  by Ramsdell, Nancy