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APASalary Adjustment








The APA Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for administrators to request salary adjustments based on attaining a new academic, or professional credential and/or taking on significantly expanded responsibilities.





An administrator wishing to request such an adjustment must document that request, in writing, to his or her supervisor who in turn forwards the request along with a recommendation to approve or deny through the divisional chain of command up to the divisional vice president.  The Divisional Vice President is then responsible for bringing it to the President’s Direct Reports meeting for discussion and ultimate action.  A copy of the request shall be sent to the Chapter president and the Director of Human Resources for tracking purposes.  Once received by the Director of Human Resources, there is a 90 day window within which a decision must be made.


Guidance on Increases in Salary

An administrator who attains a new academic credential and provides proof of that credential shall be granted an increase in salary if approved by the Direct Report  and the President in the following amounts; $500 for an Associate’s Degree professional credential, $1,000 for a Bachelor’s Degree, $1,500 for a Master’s Degree or CAGS and $2,000 for a Doctorate.  Similarly, if an administrator takes on significantly expanded responsibilities, the salary adjustment shall be determined by the Area Vice President in an amount not to exceed 2.5% of the current salary.  If, however, the expanded responsibilities result in a promotion, then the salary adjustment shall be a flat $3,500 per year or 5% whichever is greater.

Situations may arise that will require going beyond the guidance contained in this policy.  In those cases the burden of justification falls squarely upon the shoulders of the Aministrative Area Vice President.  Guidance on internal equity and external competitiveness should be sought through Human Resources.

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