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Welcome to Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) at Worcester State University. This site will assist any professor who is interested in learning more about WAC and/or incorporating writing into a course.

WAC programs were started in the 1980’s in response to students’ lack of writing practice across the curriculum.  The following are some basic principles of WAC programs:

  • writing promotes learning
  • the entire academic community is responsible for student writing
  • there must be integration of writing across academic disciplines
  • all four years of undergraduate education must incorporate writing
  • students will communicate effectively with an academic discipline when they practice the conventions of that discipline

Studies have shown that writing helps students grasp information and elaborate on key concepts.  By including writing in the curriculum, teachers are better able to determine how well students are grasping the core ideas of their discipline.  The more writing that is incorporated into each academic discipline, the better students will become at communicating, and their ability to engage in more complex investigation of ideas will increase.  Communicating one's ideas through writing is especially important in the workplace, and it is invaluable for students who plan to attend graduate school.

Here are some links that further discuss WAC and offer ideas for incorporating writing into different disciplines.

 General WAC Sites

Writing to Learn

Writing in the Disciplines

Designing Assignments

Feedback and Assessment Options

Writing for Natural/Physical/Earth Sciences

 Writing for Business/Economics

Writing for Communications

Writing for Computer Science/Mathematics

Writing for Criminal Justice

Writing for Education

Writing for English/Literature

 Writing for Foreign Language

Writing for History/Political Science

Writing for Nursing/Health Sciences

Writing for Philosophy

Writing for Social Sciences

Writing for Visual/Performing Arts

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