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Strategic Plan: Historical Background


As the 2004 – 2009 Strategic Plan neared its completion, the University recognized that many of the social and economic conditions that informed its original planning process had changed considerably. Facing a significant regional demographic shift (resulting in fewer available traditional age college students) and reductions in public financial support, Worcester State University recognized that it had to plan thoughtfully for the future to ensure that it could continue to offer quality academic programming in a fiscally responsible manner. To this end, the college-wide Strategic Planning Steering Committee was convened September, 2008. The membership of this committee was comprised of members of the faculty, the administration, students, trustees, and union leadership. The charge to the committee was to rely on specific data and trend analyses as part of its review of institutional challenges and opportunities. Based on these reviews, a series of subcommittees were formed to look at specific aspects of the University’s functions in developing strategic recommendations that could be incorporated into a comprehensive institutional plan.

Over two hundred members of the Worcester State University community participated in a year-long strategic planning process, which yielded a comprehensive catalogue of academic and operational recommendations. The strategic planning steering committee then reviewed these recommendations and developed a project matrix to ensure that the specific propositions contained in the plan inform the College’s operations for the upcoming five years. The Strategic Plan was approved by the University’s Board of Trustees at its November, 2009 meeting and formally went into operation July 1, 2010.

The 2010 – 2014 Strategic Plan outlines specific divisional goals and objectives that will enable Worcester State University to expand its ability to offer high quality academic programs and serve the educational needs of Worcester and the central Massachusetts region. The spring of 2012 brought a renewed commitment to the planning process with the formation of a committee to review the current plan.

A strategic plan oversight committee was constituted in August, 2012, and will be focused on implementation and assessment of the current strategic plan for the next two years. The first order of business for the oversight committee will be to guide community development of the institutional goals that will be in effect for the next two years. Each division will review their current department and division goals and action plans in order to align them with the newly developed institutional goals.

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