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Electronic Scholarship Application Instructions
Worcester State University is pleased to make available to interested students an electronic scholarship application. This is a “fillable” Adobe PDF and requires Adobe Reader version 8.1 or higher. (Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.)
The online application is no longer available because the deadline has passed.
  • You should see the file titled ScholarshipApplication_distributed.pdf on your screen with two green boxes—one saying Download and the other Open. Note: If you do not open a PDF with visible text, numeric, check, and drop-down boxes, you must stop now and take several minutes to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. (Adobe will require that you restart your computer once the download and installation are complete.)
  • Clicking on either button will open the “fillable” scholarship application form showing numerous fields with red borders. These are required fields. Other optional fields will show black borders when you hover over them with your cursor.
  • At the bottom of the form is a large text box for your essay. Each scholarship you apply for requires an essay of up to 500 words. This application does not have spell- or grammar-check features. For better proofreading, applicants are encouraged to compose an essay in a separate word-processing program and then copy-and-paste it into this field. (Click here to see more tips on composing essays.)
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