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Establishing a scholarship at Worcester State University is a powerful way to honor a family member, friend, or colleague and to support programs and causes that are dear to your heart.

Scholarships can be tailored to benefit students who are enrolled in your major or minor, who plan to enter your profession, who participate in student organizations and activities you believe in, or who have backgrounds, goals, or interests similar to your own.

Since the Worcester State Foundation began awarding undergraduate scholarships, the number of scholarships awarded annually has grown from 15 in 1998 to 256 in 2013 – thanks to the support of our generous donors.

At the same time, student applications have grown dramatically. In 2013, more than 700 students applied for scholarships, submitting 6,000 unique applications – an average of more than nine applications per student.

In response to the growing need for scholarship support, the Foundation is keenly focused on increasing the number of available scholarships. Scholarships can be provided on an annual basis with outright gifts of cash or stocks. Endowed tuition scholarships require a gift or pledge of $25,000, payable over five years, while endowed tuition-and-fees scholarships require a gift or pledge of $100,000, also payable over five years.

To learn more about creating a scholarships that meets your philanthropic and financial objectives, please contact Vice President of University Advancement Thomas M. McNamara at 508-929-8141 or tmcnamara@worcester.edu.

Thank you!

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