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Singapore Math is a term used to refer to math textbooks from the small Asian country of Singapore. Since 1995, Singapore has been one of the top performing countries in mathematics in the TIMMS study. Richard Bisk professor of mathematics at Worcester State University,  has provided content based professional development for teachers using Singapore Math since 2000.

Currently there are three Singapore Math elementary textbooks series in use in the United States.

1.  Primary Math – US Edition – Available from www.singaporemath.com

2.  Primary Math – Standards Edition - Available from www.singaporemath.com

3.  Math In Focus – Available from http://www.hmheducation.com/singaporemath/

Dr. Bisk is a consulting author for Math In Focus and has also done extensive work using the Primary Math editions. He has given presentations on his work throughout the United States and in Singapore.  He can be reached at rbisk@worcester.edu  or 508-929-8962.

National Singapore Math Institute - Denver - July 2011
Video - Presentation at Utah Capital Building
Professional Development and Teacher Training
Contact Dr. Richard Bisk, Professor of Mathematics at Worcester State University - rbisk@worcester.edu

About Singapore Math

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