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Characteristics of Singapore Math
Greater Depth/Less Breadth:  More time is spent on each  topic. Fewer topics are covered in a year. Greater emphasis on mastery. 
Problem Solving Emphasis: Model drawing diagrams are used to promote understanding of word problems and provide a bridge to algebraic thinking.
More Multi-Step Problems: Problems often require the use of several concepts.
Mental Math: Techniques encourage understanding of mathematical properties and promote numerical fluency.
Absence of Clutter and Distraction: Presentation is clean and clear and uses simple, concise  explanations.
Coherent Development: Topics are introduced with simple examples and then incrementally developed until more difficult problems are addressed.
Teacher and Parent Friendly: Since mathematical content is clear, it is often easier for teachers to plan lessons. Parents can read the books and help children.
Review of concepts is not explicitly incorporated into the curriculum. Students are expected to have mastered a concept once it has been taught.
A high level of expectation is implicit in the curriculum.
Stress on Developing Conceptual Understanding: Students and teachers learn to focus on “why” not just “how.”
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