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About Singapore Math

The Singapore Math Implementation Project initially involved over 70 K-8 teachers  throughout Massachusetts, including many who are using the Singapore Math textbooks in their classrooms. SMIP was initiated with funding from the Massachusetts Department of Education. This web site  will provide these teachers and others with a forum for questions, discussion and sharing of ideas.


How is Singapore Math Different?

1. Greater Depth/Less Breadth – More time is spent on each
    topic. Fewer topics are covered in a year. Greater
    emphasis on mastery. 

2. More multi-step problems. Problems often require the use
    of several concepts. “Word problems” are more varied.

3. Review of concepts is not explicitly incorporated into the
    curriculum. Students are expected to have mastered a
    concept once it has been taught.

4. A higher level of expectation is implicit in the curriculum.

5. Probability is not included in the K-8 curriculum.
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