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Brian Tinger

Faculty Adviser: Karl R. Wurst, Ph.D.

The goal of this project is to convert an electric wheelchair to robotic control. By equipping the wheelchair with a robotic controller, I was able to use a 4-channel radio to control the wheelchair’s drive forward and backward as well as steering left and right. After initial user control was achieved, the wheelchair’s drive system was set to be controlled autonomously through a combination of microcontrollers equipped with a driving algorithm that reads positioning sensors attached to the wheelchair chassis.


Andrew Gallant

Faculty Adviser: Karl R. Wurst, Ph.D., and Hansun To, Ph.D.

The Linguistic Category Model (LCM) is a model about the psychological properties of interpersonal language, which is used to classify verbs and adjectives that represent actions and states between people. The goal of this project was to develop an online interface such that the user can apply the LCM to any number of documents.

The online interface makes use of keyboard shortcuts, AJAX, and a relational database to help speed up the process of applying the LCM, and consequently retrieve results more efficiently.


Michael Folding

Faculty Adviser: Elena Braynova, Ph.D.

In this work we analyze an Excel database for water quality of selected local Worcester water bodies and design a relational database for it. Conceptual design of the database is given in ER model. Relational tables are constructed and initialized by data. The tables’ relationships are defined by appropriate primary and foreign key constraints. We run SQL queries on the constructed database and study their efficiency.

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