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The Payroll & Benefits Office processes four different payrolls using the state's Human Resources/Compensation Management System (HR/CMS).

All employees (including Federal College Work Study) are paid
bi-weekly using HR/CMS.

Adjunct faculty (both day, evening and summer) are paid through HR/CMS seven times during each semester. Summer adjunct faculty are paid once at the end of each session.

Click here or on the calendar to the left for a list of payroll dates for each of the payrolls.

It is important to note that no one will be processed on any payroll without appropriate authorization and a record of attendance.

Newly-hired full-time and benefited part-time state employees must meet with a member of the Human Resources staff to review policies, procedures, and conditions of employment and to complete the necessary paperwork. They must also meet with the Payroll Director to discuss benefits, deductions and the like and to obtain and complete the related forms.

Part-time, non-benefited employees (with the exception of adjunct faculty) must complete an Authorization for Temporary/Part-Time Employment Form at the beginning of each fiscal year as well as a form verifying health insurance coverage. Please contact the Human Resources Office regarding additional paperwork for newly hired part-time employees.

Adjunct faculty are required to submit a signed contract for each course they teach prior to the processing of any payment. Please contact the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (for day adjuncts) or the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies (for evening and summer adjuncts) regarding additional paperwork required for newly hired adjunct faculty. All adjunct faculty must also complete a form verifying health insurance coverage each year or upon re-hire.

Federal College Work Study students must obtain an Employer Action Form from Financial Aid for each job they hold on campus.

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