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Admission Process

Admissions for Track I students criteria follows Massachusetts Board of Higher Education guidelines. Students submit an application to Worcester State University Admissions office.

Internal transfer applicants:  Students who are matriculated at Worcester State may apply for internal transfer into sophomore year. An application for those who wish to transfer can be picked up in the nursing office at the beginning of Spring semester. Applicants are evaluated by the Nursing Admissions Committee and qualified students are accepted if space is available for the following Fall semester. Notification of acceptance is sent out from the Chairperson after Spring grades have been submitted.

External (from other colleges) Transfer Applicants: Applicants can apply for admission into the freshman class through the Admissions office.

For individuals with a non-nursing baccalaureate degree who are seeking a BS or MS in nursing please refer to the Massachusetts Association of Colleges Nursing (MACN) website at www.massnursing.org for MA nursing programs offering accelerated degrees.


Admissions for Track II students includes assessment and transfer of college credits, an interview and if needed taking National League for Nursing Mobility exams.


Admission for Graduate students is though Worcester State University Division of Graduate and Continuing Education.

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