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Worcester State University Logo
Fequently Asked Questions

Worcester State University’s current marketing and branding showcases the University’s reputation for excellence and portrays it as a university on the move: new residence hall, new wellness center, and academic programs that are rigorous and relevant. As part of our new campaign, the University adopted a new logo consisting of a wordmark and a newly designed seal. The logo is available for general use. However, there are many versions of this logo. Users must also be careful when placing and resizing it on a document. An official brand-standards manual and several logo files are available for viewing and downloading at

If you have questions that are not answered below, please contact:

Marketing Office
ext. 8018

Publications & Printing Services
ext. 8132

Thank you.


The New Official Worcester State University Logo

Need a logo? Black, Blue and Blue/Gold logos are available for download at ALWAYS contact the Marketing Office or Publications & Printing Services if you have questions about use, file type and instructions on appropriately sizing it for your document.


Q: Previously the university seal was only reserved for the Office of the President? Is this still the case?

A: No. President Maloney would like the University community to use the new seal. The seal is part of the new logo and should be used in conjunction with the wordmark wherever/whenever possible.

Q: Are there other versions of the logo?

A: Yes. The logo is also available in a vertical format as well as different file formats. Color availability is black, white, blue or blue/gold. Please contact the Marketing Office or Publications & Printing Services for the best format and color for your use.

Q: What logo will I use for University stationery, promotional items*, or printed materials?

A: Use the full logo--the wordmark with seal—whenever possible. However, if you have a situation where you don’t think there is enough room for the full logo, please contact the Marketing Office for assistance. There are situations where using only the wordmark is best.

Q: I will be giving a presentation at a conference, what logo do I use in presentation materials?

A: You may use either of the logos available for downloading at The Marketing Office has created a branded PowerPoint template for the University community, which is also available to download from the Web page.

Q: I’m working with a vendor* who can’t fit the logo on the item I want to purchase, what do I do?

A: Contact the Marketing Office.

Q: I have my own logo or have used graphics other than the University logo to represent my center/program/club. What happens to that?

A: Please contact the Marketing Office.

Q: I’d like my center/program/club, etc. to be considered one of your sub-brands. How do I add its name under the University logo?

A: Please contact the Marketing Office.

Q: I have an expensive item with the old university logo on it. I can't afford to replace it anytime soon. What should I do?

A: Use it, but contact the Marketing Office to discuss a possible solution.

*If you are working with a vendor on promotional items/merchandise, please let your vendor know that our new Pantone colors are PMS 287 (Blue), PMS 132 (Gold), and PMS 127 (Yellow).

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