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Getting Math Help On Campus

  1.     Visit your professor during office hours
  2.     Visit the math lab  
3.     Arrange for one on one tutoring through the tutoring center

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Additional Resources

Test objectives for the middle school math teachers' test:

Sixty page test information booklet:
    • http://www.worcester.edu/MathDept/MTELobjs_newfld47.pdf

Math Related Websites:
    • Making Mathematics: Student Mathematics Research Projects
    • HOLD: Honest Open Logical Decisions on Mathematics 
      Education Reform 
    • Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System 2001 (MCAS) 
      Sample Student Work: Grade 6 Mathematics
    • US Department of Education: Mathematics and Science Initiative 
    • Mathematics and The Simpsons 
    • Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy (IMAP)
    • Euclid's Elements


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