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The WSU Teaching Corps Program (TCP) is an innovative project of the Latino Education Institute (LEI) at WSU that engages ten WSU students per semester to assist in classrooms throughout the Worcester Public Schools. WSU students gain applied skills and income as they assist in serving students in the Worcester Public Schools.
Teaching Corps members will serve as role models trained in literacy and conflict resolution as well as develop real-life experience as teachers in an urban setting. Teaching Corps members will also build relationships with peers, students, student's families and many other members of the Worcester community through their work.

  • Students work for a ten week period from mid September to mid December, working eight hours a week within the classroom and attending seven events that are designed to enhance their overall work readiness. Students are also asked to create a portfolio that displays their experiences throughout the course of the internship.
  • The WSU Teaching Corps Program is funded through the VISION Grant.

Program Coordinator:

Nicole Erickson

Email: nerickson1@worcester.edu

Phone: 508-798-6507 X 104



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