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Club Educación (Club E) promotes parental involvement in their children’s education by engaging parents in English- as- a- Second- Language classes that enhance English literacy and communication skills. Parents also participate in training in the areas of computer, financial, and health literacy through a serious of seasonal workshops. Club E strives to increase the educational levels of parents and adults in order to fully realize the overall academic goals of the entire family. This program promotes a strong family involvement component and provides on-site academic support to the children of participants. 

·       Club E runs for 24 weeks total in two cycles. Classes meet twice per week, for two hours per class throughout the academic year.

·       Club E is funded in part by The Greater
Worcester Community Foundation.

Program Coordinator

Steven Favulli Jr

Email:  sfavulli1@worcester.edu

Phone: 508-789-6507 x 106


Program Assistant

Josephine Falero

Email: jfalero@worcester.edu

Phone: 508-789-6507 x 103


English as a Second Language Teacher

Mary Recalde, M. Ed.

Email:  villamarinm@worc.k12.ma.us


English as a Second Language Teacher

Dara Snider, M. Ed.

Email:  ducileah@gmail.com


English as a Second Language Teacher

Caityln Sposato, M. Ed.

Email: cjsposato@yahoo.com


English as a Second Language Teacher

Serenity Sullivan-Jacques, M. Ed.

Email: serenitysullivan@yahoo.com


English as a Second Language Teacher

Karen Szymczak, M. Ed.

Email: karen.szymczak@yahoo.com


English as a Second Language Teacher

Ann Taylor, M. Ed.

Email: ataylor31@charter.net


Teacher's Aide

Alyssa Mulhern

Email: amulhern@worcester.edu


Teachers's Aide

Alexandra Paladino

Email: apaladino@assumption.edu


Teachers's Aide

Elliot Rivera

Email:  erivera4@worcester.edu


Teachers's Aide

Bremner Smith

Email: davidbremne24@hotmail.com


Teachers's Aide

Jonathan Tiry

Email: jtiru@worcester.edu


Teachers's Aide

Ailey Wilder

Email: aileyyyy@gmail.com


Academic Assistant

Katherine Rivera

Email: kmrr27@hotmail.com


Academic Assistant

Glady Shorette

Email: butterflyk2@hotamil.com


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