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Surveys are a useful tool to gather information for data-driven decisions. There is a phenomenon called 'survey fatigue' which is caused from over-surveying specific groups of people. Below is a table of surveys administered to WSU constituencies.

Survey Administrator/ Department Survey Group When Administered
Undergraduate Students
Noel levitz College Student Inventory Institutional Assessment Enrolled first-year students Summer of matriculation
NSSE Institutional Assessment First-year and senior students Every 3 years (next 2014)
Advising survey Biology Biology, biotechnology majors Yearly during preregistration
Chemistry Chemistry Majors 2011
Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Majors Yearly
ACHA/NCHA Health & Wellness Students Yearly
Program Participant Evaluation IELI Students Every semester
Course surveys Nursing UG Track I Sophomores & seniors Even years
Course, skills laboratory, clinical agency surveys Nursing UG Track I Seniors Odd years
Exit Survey Nursing UG Track I Students Yearly
Alumnae Survey Nursing UG Track I Graduates one year out Yearly
Course, skills laboratory, clinical surveys Nursing UG Track II Students Even years
Exit Survey Nursing UG Track II Students Yearly
Employer Survey Nursing UG Track II Employers of graduates Yearly
NCCP COSES Institutional Assessment Commuter students 2012
Graduate Students
Course, clinical agency surveys Nursing Students Every semester
Exit Survey Nursing Students Yearly
Employer Survey Nursing Employers of graduates Yearly
FSSE Institutional Assessment Faculty Every 3 years (next 2014)
HIPs CTL Faculty 2011
Evaluation of learning resources Nursing Nursing faculty Every 2 years
Clinical Agency Survey Nursing Nursing Faculty Even years
Eduventures Survey Institutional Advancement Alumni
Foundation Board self-evaluation survey Institutional Advancement Alumni
Occupational Therapy Survey Occupational Therapy Graduates one year out Yearly
Alumnae Survey Nursing Graduates one year out Yearly
History Survey History Graduates As needed
Needs Assessment Educational Leadership 2012

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