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The Assessment Committee will provide oversight, identify key issues, develop recommendations, and develop policies with respect to institution-wide assessment of student learning. It will also identify gaps in assessment information; recommend changes in assessment processes; review the usefulness of assessment strategies, reporting strategies and feedback processes; and ensure that assessment data is used to inform decision-making at Worcester State University.

The Assessment Committee will work in collaboration with the Assistant Vice President of Assessment and Planning on:  

  1. Development of assessment strategies and assessment policies;
  2. The appropriateness and practicality of proposed assessment measures as applied to specific areas of the University;
  3. The agreement on and communication of common language and terminology related to assessment for use college-wide;
  4. Faculty/staff development activities related to assessment and the development of a climate and culture of assessment throughout the University;  
  5. The communication and utilization of assessment results, connecting those with the Strategic Plan and its related master plans, for external and internal institutional effectiveness reports.


Andrea Bilics, Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning

Elena Braynova, Associate Professor

Debra Gaston, Staff Associate/Counselor, Academic & Personal Counseling

Julie Kazarian, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Carol Lerch, Assistant Vice President for Assessment & Planning

Aparna Mahadev, Professor

Susanna Meyer, Professor

Hemant Pendharkar, Director for LASC

Timothy Sullivan, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

IA/IR Strategic Plan 2012-2013

IA Strategic Plan 2011-2012


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