Downloading WSC Software

To download WSC software using the method below, you don't need to have administrative privileges to your machine, you will need a valid WSC network username and password, and appropriate domain membership.  To join a domain, click here. (Student Domain= ACL, FacStaff Domain = WSC_Domain).  NOTE:  The variety of programs which are available for installation via download varies from time to time, the graphic below may not be current,  for SPSS please use the terminal server instructions under Network Services instead of these self-installation instructions.  For SOPHOS - please use the link on the main site.

Hint: Because campus wired connectivity is at least 10 times faster than wireless, you are strongly encouraged to plug your machine into an available port on campus when attempting to download software or join the domain.  You MUST be connected to the campus network to download WSC software.

After you boot your machine and log into the campus network, click on the Start button, then Control Panel, and then the Add or Remove Programs icon.  After a brief pause, a dialog window will be displayed (similar to the one below):


Next, click on the Add New Programs icon, located on the left side of this display.  There will be a brief pause as the network searches for available programs to install.

downlo2Add New Programs

To install a program, simply click on the appropriate item listed in the Add New Programs window and then click the Add button.  Please be patient and follow all of the prompts that might appear during the installation process.