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University Technology Services manages technology, voice, video and data on the campus of Worcester State University. We are located in the Learning Resource Center ("LRC") on the third floor, Room 310 - follow signs to the Help Desk and Laptop Repair Depot.  {UTS Organization Chart}

Day Support

During the Fall and Spring Semesters - Full Service - 8:15am to 7:00pm M --> Th and 8:15am to 3:00pm Friday

During the Summer/Winter Semesters - Full Service - 8:15am to 4:00pm M --> Th and 8:15am to 3:00pm Friday

{excluded: holidays & during the week between Christmas>NewYears}

Phone:  508.929.8856 {if leaving voice mail - please include your WSU Student ID# !!!}

Online:  Submit a UTS Help Desk Support Request 


Open Computing Labs are located in the Learning Resource Center Room 310 and Sullivan Room 138

Copy machines are available in the Library - second floor - near the Reference Desk, LRC310 lab, and S&T Building Lobby.  The cost is $.10 per page (Common not Print funds) and only WSU OneCard IDs are accepted for payment.

Printing is available in the following locations:  at a cost of - black & white @$.10 per sheet, color @$1.00 per sheet, @$2.00 small poster, @$4.00 poster - only WSU OneCards are accepted for payment/release.  {To add printer to your Windows laptop/desktop - verify that your computer is joined to the domain (see "Join a Domain" for more information) choose Start>Run> \\wscvprint2  - choose the printer you wish to use from the list below by double clicking the correct icon-the printer will be added to your list of choices.  To add your printer to your MAC laptop/desktop - select system properties > print/fax > Add+ > choose IP printing > choose LPD for the protocol > type in server name "wscvprint2" > enter Queue name (see below Printer Name) > next give it a name (any name you wish to call it) > may prompt for driver - generic postscript driver is usually fine > leave duplex printer box unchecked)}

Location Printer Type Printer Name/Queue

LRC/Library Room 310 (open lab)



LRC/Library Room 310 (open lab)

Black & White


LRC/Library Room 322 (See HelpDesk) Poster Printer LRC310_PhPoster_Q

LRC/Library Room 310 (open lab)

Black & White#2


LRC/Library Room 112 (MacLab) Black & White LRC112_PhBW_Q
Gym 108 Black & White G108_PhBW_Q

Science & Tech 113a



Science & Tech 113a

Black & White


Science & Tech Room 406

Black & White


Science & Tech Room 323 GIS Poster Printer ST323_PhColorWide_Q
Science & Tech Room 216 OT Black & White ST216_PhBW_Q
Student Center 333 Black & White SC333_PhBW_Q

Sullivan Common Area 1st Floor (Rm130)

Black & White


Sullivan Common Area 1st Floor (Rm130) Color SullComm1_PhColor_Q
Sullivan 138 (open lab) Black & White Sull138_PhBW_Q
Sullivan Room 206 (TaxPrep) Black & White S206_Tax_Q
Sullivan Room 240 Black & White Sull240_PhBW_Q

Sullivan Room 306

Black & White


Admin 368 Black & White A368_PhBW_Q
Admin 368 Color A368_PhColor_CP4005Q_Q
Admin 368 Poster Printer A368_PhPoster_130r_Q





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