How To - Set up VPN Access:

[Allows Faculty/Staff/Students to access materials available from the WSU Intranet]


Use the following directions to acquire the necessary files over the internet, install and run VPN.  VPN will allow you to access on-campus resources (Z:/ drive etc.) from an off-campus connection.  This is ONLY available for users with one of the following OPERATING SYSTEMS ('Windows Home' edition will not work)


Cisco IPsec VPN ( XP Professional / Vista Enterprise/Ultimate / Windows 7/8 Enterprise/Ultimate ):

  1. Download the VPN client from (choose the most recent version), SAVE to your 'Desktop'. 

  2. Double click the downloaded file on your 'Desktop'. Change the Install directory as desired (i.e. C:\VPN). Choose Install at the prompt.  You will need to reboot your computer after the install. 

  3. After reboot, run the VPN client (once installed the program will be located in Start>Programs>Cisco Systems VPN Client>VPN Client).

  4. Double click on "wscvpn", use your WSC Username and network password (reminder: password can only be 8-13 characters in length comprised of letters/numbers only) to log in.  If your WSU network password is longer than 13 characters you will need to reset it to match the criteria in order to use VPN.

  5. To Exit VPN - You will see a 'yellow lock' icon in your system tray (bottom right corner) - when done with VPN access please right click on the 'yellow lock' icon and select Exit VPN Client

If you are looking for a specific campus-only available application you may wish to additionally 'Remote Connect' to a terminal server - see "Terminal Services Login Instructions" for more information.

Note:  Please exit VPN when finished - there are a limited number of concurrent connections available.

If you have any questions or problems with the above instructions - please contact the HelpDesk by using the form located at:  UTS Web Support Form or phone 508.929.8856.