Scanning Documents – using HP Scanjet 5590 (located in LRC310 lab)

·         Ensure that computer is turned on (if not turn on computer)

·         Make sure that Scanner is turned on (if not turn on scanner)

·         Once computer is turned on and at the log in screen please log onto the network using your WSC network username and password.

·         Once logged in, click on ‘Start’ > then ‘Programs’

·         Navigate to Adobe Acrobat Professional icon, and select to start the program

·         Once Acrobat has opened, click on ‘File’ > ‘Create PDF’ >  ‘From Scanner’ > identify type of document being scanned

·         A menu will open entitled Adobe Scan > (click "OK" at error message about multiple drivers)

o   In the Input area

1.      Change the scanner type to HP Scan Jet 5590 TWAIN

2.      Please leave other options defaulted

3.      Click on Scan

4.      The option to save your document will pop up. Please change the ‘Save In location’ to YOUR Z: Drive.

5.      Change the file name to what you would like it to be.

6.      Click on Save

Place your document to be scanned in the scanner – (face down on the flatbed or face up using the feeder).  The scanning process will now begin. Once the first page has been scanned in, Adobe will prompt you if you have completed your scan or if there are more pages to scan in.

·         If scan is complete, click on OK

·         If you have more pages, check Scan More Pages (Put Sheet XX)

·         Click on OK

Once you have completed your scanning, Adobe will then render your document so that you may edit it at another time.  If there is no need to edit, Click on File > Exit

Please log off machine when finished.