How To:  Burn CDs using Roxio software

{These instructions were created using 'Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 basic' edition to create a "CD Project".}

  1. Ensure your computer has a cd-burner (CD-RW=read&write) and the Roxio/Sonic software (Start>Programs>'Burn CDs with Roxio') >, then put a blank CD into your cd-drive.

  2. Open the Roxio software application (Start>Programs>'Burn CDs with Roxio/Sonic').  This will open a screen entitled "Select a Project".

  3. Make your selection from the list ('make a music CD', 'make a data CD', 'make a photo or video CD', 'disc copier' etc).

  4. Next you will need to select whether to format a CD so that you can drag/drop files, copy documents to easily share or copy to a DVD (requires DVD burner).  {Note:  some options may be greyed out and unavailable depending on the version of software you have installed.}

  5. A new window will open in which to choose your 'source' files (source=files you would like to copy from/destination=location you would like to copy to).  After you have selected source files the "Add" button will appear >select the add button to put the chosen files into the listing on the bottom right half of the screen.  At this point you can reselect additional source files/folders and "Add" them to your list.  If you have chosen all your files to burn simply click on 'record' and your CD will be ready soon. 

If you have any questions, please contact the IT HelpDesk ->Contact Us.