Accessing WebAdvisor


Accessing WebAdvisor


  1. Log into the WSC Community System by going to
  2. Under Login Here, enter your WSC Username and Password and press <Enter>.
  3. When the Security Alert displays, click <Enter>
    The Fac/Staff WebAdvisor module should appear.
  4. Select desired options from the drop-down list.


*All of these options require a Username and Password.This is the same username and password that was mailed to you.If you cannot remember your username and password, bring your student ID or a photo ID and current class schedule, to IT.


Troubleshooting WebAdvisor: Timing Out, Password Issues and Error Messages

If you continue to time out or cannot get past the login screen, check the following items first:

  1. Check the clock settings on your PC.The time, date, time zone, and am-pm settings must be accurate (within a minute or so) or you will be unable to login.If you change the time zone, the time automatically changes.
  2. Your PC must be set to accept cookies or you will be unable to login.
  3. WebAdvisor is case sensitive.Be sure to use only lower case letters in your username and password.
  4. Below are some common error messages with the proper contacts to contact about resolving the issue.
    1. For a message stating to see the department secretary, the student is not eligible to use WebAdvisor for registration, add or drop, you need to see the secretary of the department in which your major is.Alternately, the Registrarís Office may be able to assist you.
    2. For a message stating that the student is on hiatus or academic probation, contacts the Registrarís Office and inform them of the message.Only the Registrarís Office can clear this hold on your account.
    3. For a message stating that the student owes money, contact the Bursarís Office.Only the Bursarís Office can clear this hold on your account.
    4. For any other non-technical errors, contact the Registrarís Office.Inform the Registrar of the exact error message.Should the Registrarís Office be unable to clear the issue, they will direct you who to contact for further assistance.


Registrarís Office: 508-929-8035

Bursarís Office: 508-929-8051