Important Information - File Naming eMail Attachments and the Digital Dropbox

A common problem exists, with submitted files when sending over the internet (i.e. email attachments or digital dropbox etc.).

When file names contain special characters, spaces or extra periods(".") Senders have difficulty posting/attaching and recipients have difficulty viewing/receiving any files that have special characters (@#$%^&* etc.)  in the name.  

Note:  when using the Digital Dropbox - if you "Add" the file it is visible only to you so that you may continue updating, to submit it to your Instructor you must "SEND" the file.

See the following examples:

INCORRECT Naming  -   chunky.peanut.butter.doc   OR   ch*nky.peanut'butter.doc   OR Chunky#1.doc

CORRECT Naming      -    ChunkyPeanutButter.doc  

See for additional helpful guides.