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Governor Patrick has awarded more than $2.3 million for Commonwealth Corps Grantees. The mission of the Commonwealth Corps is to engage Massachusetts residents of all ages and backgrounds in direct service to rebuild communities and address unmet community needs. The Corps will provide opportunities for skill building, leadership development and will encourage and enhance a lifelong civic vocation for Corps members. Corps members will provide direct service, build capacity, and recruit, organize and mobilize additional volunteers, thus building a grassroots movement of volunteers dedicated to service.

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The Intergenerational Urban Institute at Worcester State University is one of the grantees and has received a grant to establish the Ending Hunger Together (EHT) program. The goal of the program is to develop model intergenerational community programs that create hunger awareness while providing active roles to people of all ages in fighting it. Specifically the program will:


·         Provide intergenerational food stamp outreach and application assistance to elders.


·         Assist with the outreach and management of volunteers at the Brigham Hill Community Farm (Community Harvest Project – CHP) in Grafton, create an outreach program to involve urban schools, including the development of curriculum frameworks for use in urban schools. 

·         Develop and maintain a new hunger website that connects people across the Commonwealth in the fight against hunger by providing information, tools and opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas.



Commonwealth Corps Group 

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Lauren Burgess
Amanda Diaz
David Fields
Joely Frias
Zenaide Ribeiro
Thea Aschkenase
Gladys Wood
Laken Euzibio
Sandra Johnson
Helen Shuster
Mary Jane Rosati
Bob Israelian
Tonya Vargas
Marian Hazzard
Judith Rowland Knight 


The proposed plan for Ending Hunger Together allows the IUI to move forward with a concentrated focus on an Intergenerational Community Fellows Program, modeled on the Congressional Hunger Fellows program. EHT will combine cross age education and training with intergenerational service that makes a dent in the hunger problem in Worcester. It will harness the talents, energy and experience of  teenagers to elders to fight hunger. Not only will it generate interesting models of cooperation and help to put food on people’s tables, it will also break down age stereotypes and create a corps of people who “Together Make a Difference."

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