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ISA Goals/Objectives

Information Security is the responsibility of every member of the Worcester State University community. It affects us all in some way, even if your position at the University doesn’t require you to handle sensitive information on a daily basis. Data is one of the University’s most important assets, and its loss or theft can lead to serious financial and security consequences. In order to protect both the institution’s and our own personal information, we need to be aware of what comprises good data handling practices. Information security involves not just electronic data—it applies to any sensitive material in both electronic and paper form.

This site was developed to help Worcester State University’s employees learn more about information security issues. Please contact the University Technology Services' Help Desk http://uts.worcester.edu if you have any questions.



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Points of Interest:
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  State Ethics Compliance
  Spot a Phishing/Spam Scam
  Modern Malware for Dummies
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  Visit Educause Cybersecurity Initiative
  National Cyber Security Awareness
  Examples of "good" security questions


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