Worcester State University
Information Security Awareness



Keep virus protection upto date.  The University provides and installs antivirus on all college owned computers and servers.  We provide free antivirus for student machines as well.

Keep your system up to date.   Information Technologies performs regular patching of college owned systems.  Personal machines should have Windows Update set to automatic updates.

Use spyware and spam blocking.

Only install known products.   Many free software programs contain malicious code.  Do not install "free" add ons.  "Helpful" free toolbars often cause computer problems and security issues.

Points of Interest:
  UTS Policy Site
  Check PW Strength
  UTS Guides
  Social Network Cons
  ISA Presentation
  Spot a Craig's List scam
  State Ethics Compliance
  Spot a Phishing/Spam Scam
  Modern Malware for Dummies
  Visit Educause Data Privacy
  Visit Educause Cybersecurity Initiative
  National Cyber Security Awareness
  Examples of "good" security questions

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