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Undergraduate Degrees


Major in History (42 credits) Student Learning Outcomes


Minor in History (24 credits) Student Learning Outcomes


Minor in Political Science (18 credits) Student Learning Outcomes


Minor in Middle East Studies (18 credits)


Pre-Law Minor (22 credits) Student Learning Outcomes


Graduate Degrees


Masters of Arts (M.A.) in History

Non-Degree Options

Public History Concentration

The Public History program prepares students to enter the growing field of public history, by combining coursework with a wide range of options in independent study and internships in both public and private agencies.  Public History sites include but are not limited to historical museums, libraries and archives, state, county, and local government offices, as well as private agencies which have a public interest.  Interested students should contact Professor David Twiss. For more information, see the AHA's guide to Careers in Public History, or the National Council on Public History.

Foreign Service Concentration

The concentration in Foreign Service is designed to prepare individuals for careers in the U.S. State Department and the intelligence community.  An individualized program within the history major, it will be structured by the student in cooperation with the concentration advisor.  In addition to the required courses, students will be encouraged to elect courses in the areas of economics, languages, management, geography, and related fields.  Interested students should contact Professor Robert Smith. Additional information about college preparation and the Foreign Service exam be found at the State Department's Career Options website.

American Antiquarian Society Program

Every fall, the American Antiquarian Society hosts an American Studies seminar. Students from each of the Worcester consortium colleges, including Worcester State, participate in a weekly seminar and complete a research paper based on primary sources from the riches of the American Antiquarian Society. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet students from other colleges, learn from a renowned scholar in their field, get a taste of what graduate study might be like, and hone your research and writing skills. Applications are due in the spring. For further information, contact Professor Charlotte Haller. See also the Antiquarian Society's webpage for more information about the seminar.

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