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The Chemistry Department recently used Federal Stimulus Funds to purchase a Fluorescent Spectrometer, a Chemical Lab Programmable Microwave Oven, an Atomic Force Microscope, a Differential Scanning Calorimeter, and six UV-Visible Beckman DU730 Spectrophotometers. The department also received a green chemistry grant from the Stoddard Charitable Trust, which supported the purchase of a 60-megahertz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, several high performance computers, and Gaussian molecular modeling software.


The equipment will support the ongoing development of our green chemistry initiative and enhance the offerings of a joint program being developed between the Chemistry and Physical & Earth Sciences departments dealing with materials science and nanotechnology.


Read here about how:

Students experimented with environment
friendly alternatives in Chemistry labs


Students presented findings
at the ASC national meeting


Worcester State was awarded a $200k grant
for the Green Chemistry program


Professor Kerr received a Fulbright to
promote Green Chemistry in Asia




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