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In 2013 Worcester State University entered its first year as a contestant in the RecycleMania Tournament.

RecycleMania is an eight week long contest spanning from February to March each year. The main goals of the contest are to motivate people to reduce waste, educate students about recycling programs on campus, and encourage a friendly competition.

Hundreds of colleges and universities compete against each other to see who can divert the most recyclable materials from the trash can to the recycling bin.

WSU comepeted in three RecycleMania categories:

 1. Per Capita Classic - The total weight of recycled material divided by the total population on campus.                       *2013 Results: WSU recycled 7.2 pounds per person, and ranked at 196/355 which is close to 50th percentile

 2. Targeted Materials: Food Service Organics – The total weight of composted material.

 3. Grand Champion – The highest percentage of recycled material compared to total amount thrown away.                *2013 Results: WSU recycled 29.15% of total overall waste, and ranked 128/269 which is in the 50th percentile

See where WSU ranks in the competition:

To learn more about RecycleMania visit:

Single Stream Recycling

The Single Stream Recycling Program was initiated in October 2006 and continues to strive. Blue recycling bins are located in all classrooms, hallways and high traffic areas. All recyclable materials can be put into the same bin.




  • Plastic - any plastic with recycling symbols #1- #7 such as soda/water/juice bottles, clam shell containers, iced coffee cups, shampoo bottles, etc.
  • Cardboard - boxes, food containers, pizza boxes, hot beverage sleeves, etc.
  • Mixed Paper - computer, notebook, card stock, non-padded evelopes, file folders,                                         magazines, catalogs, phone books, newspapers, paper beverage cups etc.
  • Metal - aluminum and tin cans, paper clips, staples, foil food wrappers, etc.
  • Glass -  bottles and jars


  • Food waste - all food scraps, any item highly contaiminated with food residue
  • Styrofoam - Dunkin Donuts hot coffee cups, clam shell containers, plates, etc (even items with recycling symbols)
  • Snack wrappers - potato chips bags, candy wrappers, wax paper sandwich wrappers, etc.
  • Glassware - lab ware, pyrex
  • Misc- aerosol cans, padded envelopes, plastic utensils, plastic shopping bags, wooden coffee stirres

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