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Grant Flow Chart

Below is a flow chart of the grant process at WSU. It starts with a faculty member or administrator with an idea for a grant. They should, at that point, contact one of the Grants Officers to develop the idea and identify a funding source. Depending on whether it ends up being a government or private source will determine which Grant Officer you will proceed with. 

Basic rule:  if you’re thinking about grants, contact us.


Worcester State University Grant Proposal Process




Principle Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD)


Grants Officers

Government Funding Sources

 Linda Crocker

Administration Building, Rm. 349

Phone: 508-929-8976



Private Funding Sources

Sharon McDonald

Administration Building, Rm. 231

Phone: 508-460-1241



Grants Officers assist the PI/PD in the following areas:

·            Identifying potential funding sources;

·            Securing submission requirements, funding
guidelines and budget forms;

·            Providing technical support in the grant writing process;

·           Conducting a review of applications for adherence
to funders' guidelines and required information;

·           Providing institutional descriptions when
required in the grant narrative;

·           Acting as a campus liaison with funding sources.


Grants Accountant

Faith Audette

Administration Building Rm. 339E

Phone: 508-929-8623


Budget Assistance The Grants Accountant is available to assist the PI/ PD in developing a budget. The grant seeker must be working with the appropriate grants officer, have the application guidelines and a draft of budget expenses prior to contacting the Grants Accountant. Assistance includes information on salaries, fringe benefits, overhead costs, and other budgetary needs.

Approval Signatures


Department Chair Signature - The completed proposal, budget and proposal approval sheet must be submitted to the appropriate department chair for signature, indicating commitment to the project and the resources needed to implement the project, if funded.


Grants Officer Signature – (14 Days prior to due date) The Grants Officer will sign the Proposal Approval Sheet indicating that the proposal meets the criteria of the funder’s guidelines and WSC’s regulations/policies.


Area VP/Dean Signature – (10 Days prior to due date) The area vice president/dean signs the Proposal Approval Sheet indicating their commitment to the resources needed for the proposal project, if funded, and that it meets all WSC regulations and policies.


VP for Admin. & Finance Signature – (5 Days prior to due date)The Vice President for Administration & Finance signs the Proposal Approval Sheet to indicate the College’s commitment to the budgetary resources of the proposal project, and that it meets the financial regulations and policies of the College and the State.


The PI/PD and the Grants Officer will then submit the proposal either by mail or electronically.




Grants Coordinator – Linda Crocker

Grants Accountant – Faith Audette


Receipt of an Award Notice

Any letter of award should be forwarded to the Grant Officer. The following people need to have a copy of the award notice:  PI/PD, Grant Officer, Grant Accountant, Department Chair, Vice President, Vice President for Administration & Finance.

Setting up Grant Account

The PI must meet with the Grants Accountant and Coordinator to review the award, discuss administration of the new grant and the PI’s responsibilities. Together, the PI and Grant Officer must also evaluate all staffing positions to determine if they are contract employees or independent contractors. After this meeting an account will be set up.  

Grant Procurement

The PI is responsible for generating all paperwork for procurements, transfers, reimbursements, etc. to the Grants Accountant. The Grants Accountant will ensure that the requests meet the grant guidelines and are coded appropriately, and will forward them for processing.

Variations from Approved Grant

Any variations in the project, budget or purchasing from the original approved grant, must be pre-approved by the Grants Officer and Grant Accountant. Please contact the Grant Office so that they can assist you with the changes.


PIs /PDs are responsible for creating and sending grant reports. Timely interim and final reporting is very important in the grant process and in maintaining favorable relationships with the funder.  With some government grants, failure to submit reports can bring penalties to your colleagues at WSU. The Grants Accountant can give you budget information, and the Grants Officers can assist you with narrative review, obtaining forms and attachments. A copy of the final report should be sent to the appropriate Grants Officer.

Continuance or Rollover of Funds

If the PI/PD needs to request a continuance of your grant to the following grant year or a rollover of funds that have not been expended, please contact the Grants Coordinator at 508-929-8976 at least 30 days prior to the end of the grant year.

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