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 Nurse Community and Public Health
Specialty Track
Bridge Program


This program provides Registered Nurses, who hold a B.A. or B.S. in a discipline other than Nursing, with the opportunity to enter and complete the Master of Science in Nursing program at Worcester State University. The program prepares Bridge students for M.S. level work by assuring that they have achieved the educational outcomes
of the B.S. in Nursing Program.

Bridge Core 

NU 900 

Individual Assessment (1 credit)*

NU 901

Community Health and Health Policy (3 credits)*

NU 902

Transition to Advanced Nursing (3 credits)*



Professional Core

NU 910

Professional Role Development (3 credits)*

NU 920

Conceptual Foundations of Nursing (3 credits)*

NU 925

Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits)*

NU 951

Nursing Leadership and Administration (3 credits)*



Interdisciplinary Courses

NU 936

Epidemiology (3 credits)*

NU 941

Program Planning and Evaluation (3 credits)

NU 930

Social Policy and the Economics of the Health Care Delivery System (3 credits)

NU 946

Biostatistics (3 credits)



Specialty Courses in Community/Public Health Nursing

NU 961

Nursing Science I: Community/Public Health  Leadership Theory and  Practicum (9 credits)*

NU 966

Nursing Science II Community/Public Health  Leadership Theory and Practicum (9 credits)* 

Bridge students must:

1. Complete the self-evaluation assessment of prior learning tool at the time of entry into the program.

2. Meet with their assigned graduate program advisor to plan a course of study that bridges BS expectations and entry into graduate nursing studies.

3. Compile a portfolio of their professional activities according to the guidelines and submit it to the Graduate Program Coordinator. The portfolio will be evaluated by the Graduate Program Coordinator and an individualized educational plan will be developed to support the student in the achievement of all baccalaureate level competencies.   

Note: The Traditional Entry Program is usually completed in 3 years of part-time study or two years of full-time study.

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