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Masters of Science in Management

Master of Science in Management

Worcester State University’s Master of Science in Management program emphasizes technical proficiency, creative problem-solving skills, high ethical standards, and the global perspective required for personal and professional success in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Utilizing case studies, research projects, and in-depth analysis of organizational theories and concepts, students develop the knowledge and competencies needed to excel in a highly competitive marketplace. 

The program offers two tracks, each designed to promote proficiency in the areas most closely aligned with students’ career goals:

  M.S. in Management with a Concentration in Leadership  

  M.S. in Management with a Concentration in Accounting  

The WSU Advantage

WSU’s M.S. in Management with a concentration in Leadership or Accounting offers many outstanding advantages:

  4+1 for current WSU undergraduate students. (Please contact
    the program coordinator for details.)
  Expert faculty with real-world experience
  High-quality education with affordable tuition
  Part-time, evening schedule designed with working
   professionals in mind
  Traditional, blended, and online courses
  Fall, spring, and summer sessions
  Reduced credits and GMAT waiver for students with a B.S. in  
   Business Administration from an accredited U.S. institution and
   a 3.25 G.P.A.

For more information about the M.S. in Management program, contact the program coordinator:

Program Coordinator: Dr. Rodney Oudan
Tel: 508-929-8751
Management Courses

The Masters of Science in Management Program is designed to develop the competencies required for personal and professional success for individuals who aspire to a career in accounting or to a leadership position in the business or not-for-profit environment. As future leaders in their chosen field, the MS Program will train students to not only master the content area of accounting or managerial leadership, but also to further develop their critical analysis and creative problem solving skills and ethical reasoning. Students will examine the accounting and managerial leadership fields through the use of relevant theories, concepts and frameworks incorporating the needs and perspectives of internal and external stakeholders.


The general admission requirements for graduate study at Worcester State University are located at:
In addition, applicants must also have the results of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) sent to the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education. (The GMAT will be waived for students meeting the following criteria—3.25 GPA and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from an accredited U.S. university or college.) In addition, students must prepare an essay describing their career plans, and submit three letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors. Admission to this program is a rolling admissions process and applicants can take up to 6 credits prior to being accepted into the program.


The Masters of Science in Management Degree requires the completion of thirty-six (36) credit hours of graduate courses. Students with a B.S. B.A. from an accredited U.S. university or college and a 3.25 G.P.A. may reduce the M.S. in Management program from 36 to 30 credits. A maximum of two of the following courses can be omitted—BA910 Information Technology, BA912 Marketing, BA914 Organizational Behavior, or BA915 Corporate Finance. See program coordinator for details. The curriculum includes prerequisites, eight core courses, four required courses in each concentration, and electives. Prerequisites may be completed at the undergraduate level. A minimum grade of a B in prior courses is required for all waived and transferred courses. All waivers require the approval of the program committee and coordinator.

Worcester State University has instituted a 4+1 for our current undergraduate students. Please contact the program coordinator for details.

The following prerequisites apply to all students entering the program:
            Business Law
            Computer Applications
            College Mathematics (Intermediate College Algebra or higher)

In addition to the above prerequisites, accounting students must also complete the additional prerequisites:
            Two semesters of undergraduate accounting and Intermediate Accounting I and II

Core Courses
Masters of Science in Management Core Courses (all students):
            BA910 Information Technology1
            BA911 Accounting for Managerial Decisions2
BA912 Marketing1
BA913 Managerial Economics
BA914 Organizational Behavior1
BA915 Corporate Finance1
BA916 Quantitative Analysis and Research Methods
BA990  Integrative Business Strategy

Accounting Concentration       
Accounting Concentration Required Courses:
AC910 Taxation of Individuals and Proprietors
AC911  Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
AC912  Advanced Accounting Theory
AC913  Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice
AC923  Advanced Government and Nonprofit Accounting3

Accounting Concentration Elective Courses
AC920 Advanced Problems in Accounting
AC921 Advanced Cost Accounting
            AC922 International Accounting
            AC930 Advanced Financial Theory
            AC932 International Finance and Economics
            AC950 Seminar Topics in Taxation
            AC951 Seminar in Issues in Accounting Ethics

Managerial Leadership Concentration
Managerial Leadership Concentration Required Courses:
BA960 Leadership Theory and Skills
BA961 Organizational Development and Change
BA962 Ethics and Social Responsibility of Leadership
            BA963 Action Learning Professional Leadership Project

Managerial Leadership Concentration Elective Courses:
            BA970 Seminar in Leadership
            BA971 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
            BA972 Motivation and Leadership of Teams
            BA973 Leading in the International Business Environment
            BA974 Negotiations
            BA975 Leadership Perspectives of Human Resources and the 
                       Legal Environment
            BA976 Selected Topics in Leadership

1Waived for students with 2 or more undergraduate courses in the field
2Waived for students in the accounting concentration
3Replaces BA911 for students in the accounting concentration


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