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Graduate Education with a Concentration in Spanish Courses

Spanish Courses (Graduate)
SP 901 Advanced Study: Special Topics
Special topic in language, literature, civilization or field work of mutual interest to student and instructor.
3 credits.

SP 931 Spanish Civilization
A historical survey of Spanish social, cultural and political life.
3 credits.

SP 933 The Hispanic Presence in the United States
Sociocultural study of the Hispanics in the United States, with a focus on major contemporary issues.
3 credits.

SP 935 Sociocultural Study of Latin America
This course will focus on the encounter of cultures in Latin America, Amerindian, African, and Spanish from Pre-Columbian times to the present.
3 credits.

SP 937 Projects and Issues in Spanish for the Professions
A close study of selected projects and bicultural issues for Spanish Professionals.
3 credits.

SP 942 Introduction to Latin American Literature I
Study of selected texts produced in Latin American from the pre-Columbian era until the first wars of independence.
3 credits.

SP 945 The Poetry and Theatre of Spain's Golden Age
A comprehensive study of the poetry and theatre which flourished in Spain during the years 1500-1650.
3 credits.

SP 949 Spanish-American Literature
Representative works by Spanish American authors from the colonial period to the present.
3 credits.

SP 955 Effective Teaching of a Foreign Language
Prerequisite: Stage two of Educational program and/or previous teaching experience
Examines and evaluates effective teaching techniques and strategies in the Foreign language classroom at the Middle and Secondary School levels.
3 credits.

SP 956 Theory and Practice of Translation
This course will focus on practical exercises as well as the sociolinguistics of translation.
3 credits.

SP 957 Topics in the History of the Spanish Language
Study of the more complex structures of Spanish grammar, with special attention to problems of language presentation and reception.
3 credits.

SP 997 Independent Study: Spanish
Study of a special topic of interest to the student. Both content and eligibility are subject to departmental guidelines and approval.
3 credits.


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