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Graduate Education with a Concentration in History Courses

History Courses (Graduate)
HI 910 The Study and Writing of History
Historical methodology, modern historiographical views, and the emergence of the New History; i.e., psycho-history, family history, and quantitative history.
3 credits.

HI 912 Industrial Revolution: Past, Present, Future
Prerequisite: Survey course in modern history
A comparison of the European and American Industrial Revolutions and their consequences from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries. Field trips are planned to mill towns and industrial cities.
3 credits.

HI 914 The Gilded Age: 1865-1900
A depiction of the period when America went through a rapid socio-economic transformation in the areas of industrialization, urbanization, and immigration.
3 credits.

HI 915 Populism, Progressivism and Socialism in the US: 1877-1920
Analysis of three reform movements that were an ideological response to the Gilded Age’s excesses and an attempt to humanize America’s economic transformation.
3 credits.

HI 918 The US and the Middle East
Discusses growth of US economic, cultural, political, and strategic interests in Middle East; emphasis on post-World War II period.
3 credits.

HI 920 Japan in the Twentieth Century
An evaluation of the role of Japan as an emerging world power and economic giant during the present century.
3 credits.

HI 922 US & Soviet Relations
A study of the central issues in American-Soviet relations since 1917. Special attention will be devoted to the question of recognition, the origins of the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and recent developments.
3 credits.

HI 924 Selected Topics in US-East Asian Relations
An examination of major problems affecting American foreign policy in East Asia since World War II; i.e., the origins of the Cold War in Asia, America’s entry into the Korean War, the Offshore Islands issue, America’s involvement in the Vietnam conflict, and US-Chinese relations.
3 credits.

HI 952 Russia in the Twentieth Century
An evaluation of major political economic, and diplomatic developments in the Soviet Union, stressing Leninism, Stalinism, and Khruschevism.
3 credits.

HI 953 The Mind of Modern Russia
An analysis of the central attitudes and ideas that have shaped the Russian mind from the Muscovite era to the present.
3 credits.

HI 970 China in the Twentieth Century
A consideration of the major political, diplomatic, and intellectual developments in China since 1949.
3 credits.

HI 990 Special Topics in History
An investigation of an historical issue, event or personality of mutual interest to the instructor and students.
3 credits.

HI 999 Independent Study in History
An in-depth investigation of some historical event, issue or person utilizing primary sources.
1-3 credits

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