Worcester State University
First Year Seminar


First-Year Experience Program

The First-Year Experience Program is a requirement for all incoming first-time, first-year Worcester State University students. It includes an academic first-year seminar, an English composition course linked to each seminar, and an X hour led by peer mentors. The program is designed to achieve the following broad program goals:

  1. Facilitate student growth: academic, intellectual, personal, and social
  2. Facilitate student transition from high school to college
  3. Promote learning and achievement
  4. Promote community engagement

First-year seminars at Worcester State University are academic seminars on varied topics. They are a requirement of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (LASC). First-year seminars motivate intellectual inquiry and growth, encourage personal and social exploration, and lead students to question and understand the workings of society and their communities. First-year seminars introduce students to college-level learning and facilitate student transition from high school to college.  Strong emphasis is placed on creating a community of learners and all first year seminars are learner-centered.  First year seminars encourage active, reflective learning, and enhance students’ critical thinking, information literacy, and written and oral communication skills. 

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