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Admissions Process for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities applying for admissions to Worcester State University do so like any other student. There is not a separate admissions process. Students with disabilities are not required to disclose their disability during the admissions process unless they choose to do so. Requirements and procedures for admissions is the same for all students. For more information on applying to Worcester State University, please visit Admissions.


There is, however, one exception for students with documented learning disabilities. In accordance with Massachusetts state law, students with documented learning disabilities may choose to waive SAT or ACT scores as part of their admission’s application to Worcester State University. All other admissions requirements remain the same. If a student with a documented learning disability chooses to waive the SAT or ACT scores as part of their application, they must submit a copy of the complete diagnostic testing of their learning disability along with official high school transcripts. The diagnostic testing which includes both a cognitive and an achievement test should have been completed within the last three years. Similarly, students with a documented language-based learning disability may also substitute two college preparatory units in humanities or social sciences for the foreign language requirements but must submit current and complete diagnostic testing of their learning disability. All application materials must be sent directly to the Admission’s Office. For more information on applying to Worcester State University, please visit Admissions.

Disability-related documentation included with the application materials will be forwarded to the Disability Services Office.  However, accommodations and services are not automatic. Students must contact the Disability Services Office directly to register. 

Upon Acceptance

All students with documented disabilities who have been accepted to the University who seek classroom, exam, or other accommodations must register with the Disability Services Office.

The records kept in the Disability Services Office are strictly confidential and are not part of a student’s academic record.

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