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Worcester State University, through Graduate and Continuing Education, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as credit-bearing courses that students may take on a part-time basis without being admitted to the university. Visiting students and students who are looking to take a class here to possibly transfer, or apply towards a full degree later are also able to find a variety of course offerings.


Courses are offered in several academic terms:

Fall Semester (generally fifteen weeks)

Winter Intersession (a two-week intensive)

Spring Semester (generally fifteen weeks)

Summer I and Summer II (six weeks each)


In the Spring and Fall semesters, Continuing Education offers classes in the evenings and online.  In the Winter Intersession and Summer sessions, classes can be offered during the day, in the evening or online. Hybrid or blended classes (partially online and partially face-to-face) are also available in a number of academic areas each term.

Students interested in enrolling in a degree program can apply through the Admissions Office at Worcester State University.  Students accepted into a program are “matriculated” and can elect to take their courses during the day or evening.

If you are not ready to apply to be admitted to a degree program, or are a visiting student, you are welcome to enroll in any of the courses offered through Continuing Education as long as you meet pre-requisite requirements. There are no application forms to complete and no extra fees to enroll in courses as a “non-matriculated” student. 


Undergraduate Degrees


While a wide variety of courses are offered during evening hours, the following Undergraduate Degrees can be completed through evening study.


Business Administration



Health Education

Community Health


Criminal Justice




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