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Our Mission

Worcester State University’s Center for Business and Industry will be a leader in workforce development, serving the following three groups.  First, we serve businesses and industries that recognize that in today’s fiercely competitive business environment, they have only one strategic advantage that cannot be copied by their competition – a highly skilled, motivated workforce.  Second, we serve the non-profit community who are building their capacity to provide service and leadership in an environment of increasingly scare resources.  And finally, we serve the individuals who make up these organizations - individuals for whom career development is an important part of their growth as people and leaders of their communities.  We will support the development of these groups and individuals through credit and non-credit courses and certification programs and we will participate in the economic development conversation of the region.


Our Values

·         Superior quality in everything we do, including our instruction, professional service and customer service.

·         Collaboration, not competition, in seeking partnerships where our competitions’ strengths support our own and offering support where our strengths will help other service providers.

·         Outstanding value for our clients through excellent human resource development services and pricing policies that offer competitive advantage.



Program Offerings Include:

Certificates and Workshops
Online Training Programs and Courses

Workplace English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and Workplace Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL)


For more information on these programs, or to develop a program specific to your needs, please contact the Center for Business and Industry at CBI@worcester.edu or 508-929-8130.


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