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Collections Intern 




Worcester, MA 



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Collections Intern
Exhibits & Programs Department
Project Supervisor, Betsy Loring, Manager of Exhibits


The EcoTarium is the museum of the Worcester Natural History Society. The society was founded in 1825 (as the Worcester Lyceum of Natural History) and is the second oldest natural history organization in the United States. Historical collections and records date from all periods in the museum’s history and include: rocks and minerals; shells; bird mounts; eggs and nests; mammals; trace fossils; magic lantern slides; and insects.
Specific work would depend upon the knowledge, skills and interests of the intern but possible projects include: Assessment of the condition and treatment and stabilization of collections objects; or Identifying, sorting and cataloguing a particular collection. Collections work may dovetail well with research into the natural history of a particular type of object. [For instance, previous work with the EcoTarium’s herbarium (pressed plant) collection uncovered many species of plants not previously recorded in Worcester county.]

The intern would work with the Manager of Exhibits and Collections and the Director of Exhibits and Programs.

Relevant experience and expertise would include a background and interest in Collections Conservation, natural history and knowledge relevance to a particular collection, such as geology, avian biology, mollusks, insects, etc.

Application Process:

Minimum commitment of one semester or summer and weekly time commitment 1-2 weekdays (2 preferred).

A completed application form and one page cover letter which includes why you are interested in it, what your future career objectives are, and what you hope to learn through your internship.

Applications are due by: Ongoing

Please submit completed application packet to:
Betsy Maloney, Volunteer Coordinator
222 Harrington Way
Worcester. MA 01604





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Natural Science 
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