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Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus 


Boston, MA 



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INTERNSHIP PROGRAM About the MWPC: Founded in 1971, the mission of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, a multi-partisan membership organization, is to help recruit, train, and elect more qualified, pro-choice women to public office. The MWPC is a non-profit, women-run grassroots organization and the state affiliate of the National Women’s Political Caucus. We have many opportunities for you such as the projects listed below, and campaign work. Goal of the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus Internship Program: To provide the interns with a positive learning experience within the women's political movement. Interns work on the ongoing programs and administration of the MWPC under supervision of the Associate Director. Internships are tailored to best suit the student's needs, be it for a resume listing and/or a college credit requirement. Internships are available every semester throughout the year and during the summer months. Intern Responsibilities Include: EVENT/CONFERENCES/PROGRAMS: Help coordinate events and conferences (Tribute to Abigail Adams, Good Guys Awards, Campaign Leadership Training, Annual State Convention, Red Alert Networking, etc.) • Oversee mailing of invitations, draft letters and correspondence • Help secure speakers, contact vendors and advertisers, and assist in the coordination of logistics • Maintain and update the donor database • Attend MWPC Networking Events and meeting • Assisting in organizing MWPC fundraisers • Prepare informational emails and updates and write articles for the MWPC Newsletter • Maintain and update the membership database • Interns help gather the information for distribution to over 2000 recipients. • Assist women candidates by working on campaigns including canvassing, phone banking, volunteer recruitment/management, assisting with press and finance. MASSACHUSETTS WOMEN’S POLITICAL CAUCUS POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE MWPC’S PAC endorses candidates and assists them by providing strategic advice, funding, organizing of the MWPC supporter list, press releases, and volunteers to phone bank and hold signs. • Assist women candidates by working on a campaign • Coordinate MWPC efforts on behalf of endorsed candidates MEMBERSHIP: Work to raise awareness of people about MWPC and raise membership numbers. • Maintain and update the membership database including email lists and general mailing lists APPLY ONLINE AT: mwpc.org





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