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Faculty Development at the CTL

The Worcester State Center for Teaching and Learning is committed to supporting faculty development across the entire career, from hiring and tenure/promotion, to scholarship and pedagogy, to ongoing integration of new teaching technologies and best practices in any stage of one's academic career.

For a thoughtful perspective on how CTLs aid faculty development across higher education institutions, see Chronicle of Higher Ed ProfHacker blog post, "Faculty Development on Campuses" (8/16/10).

New Faculty Orientation
The Academic Affairs Office provides orientation and training sessions for newly-hired and junior faculty, which includes introducing the Center and its mission. The CTL especially invites faculty who are new to the WSU community to seek us out, drop by, learn about what we have to offer, and participate in our calendar of programs. We can provide a forum for conversation about teaching and learning and help connect you to people, solutions, and ideas from across the campus community. Also, consider becoming part of our Advisory Board, or to lend your own expertise to an upcoming event.

Mentoring Program
The Center coordinates a mentoring program for new faculty; if desired, new faculty are given assistance in finding and connecting with a mentor. Occasional programs may be offered to mentoring pairs.

Tenure and Promotion
The Center has copies of successful reappointment and tenure binders that can serve as a resource for full-time tenure track faculty. Feel free to stop by and take a look. In addition, we have developed a resource page to clarify and explain the WSU tenure and promotion process.

Alden Teaching Fellows
During the 2007-2009 academic years, thanks to a generous grant from the Alden Foundation Trust, we developed a program involving a concentrated small group of faculty as Teaching Fellows in three sucessive cohort groups. Alden Teaching Fellows thus create faculty learning communities exploring specific topics in teaching and learning over a two to three year period. Previous cohort groups took up issues related to teaching first-year students, teaching and technology, and the "millennial student." The cohorts enrich the college community with their new-found knowledge and energy through CTL events like a brown bag lunch series, a book discussion group, and special class sessions within first-year seminars.

Faculty Workshops
Throughout the year, the Center offers a variety of workshops for faculty on topics such as constructing a first-year seminar, grant writing, course design, writing a syllabus, designing effective assignments, student-centered learning, problem-based learning, embedding assessment into class design, and use of instructional technology. If you would like a workshop to feature a particular skill or topic, please let us know. Look for announcements on the faculty listserv and on this website; all are welcome.

Summer and Winter Institute
Each May during the week after commencement, the CTL runs a multi-day syllabus development workshop that also engages broader themes around teaching and learning or the university curriculum. All faculty are invited to participate and become more familiar with course development tools, best educational practices, and pedagogical strategies. The focus and theme of Summer Institute is announced during the spring term, so that faculty can plan for their fall courses and take advantage of workshops that provide space, tools, and support for syllabus writing and course tweaking. The first Winter Institute was offered during the January 2011 intersession term. See the Institutes tab for more information.

Worcester Consortium
Worcester State is a member of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium, which brings together 12 public and private colleges and universities in the greater Worcester area. Students can take advantage of the consortium for cross-registration and library use. However, for the faculty in Consortium institutions, there are some additional benefits.

  • Certificate in College Teaching Program - a six credit program that grants a graduate certificate in higher education teaching, providing formal training for college educators. Funding is sometimes available to offset the cost of the program.
  • Faculty Development Committee - helps support the professional growth of faculty and teaching staff at all the Consortium institutions with a variety of programming, events, and workshop.

  • Research privileges at participating libraries.


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