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Mission Statement
The mission of the Center for the Study of Human Rights (CSHR) is to raise awareness of human rights violations and abuses that plague our world today. The CSHR promotes awareness by developing programs and activities, incorporating human rights issues into the University curriculum, providing resources for academic research, and collaborating with the University’s chapter of Amnesty International.


Drs. Aviva Chomsky + Jennifer Bickham Mendez's Lecture "Immigration: Doing the Right Thing In a Complex World," 4/24/14
The issue of immigration continues to be a hotly debated topic around the world and as is the case with most divisive political issues, this debate has been acrimonious and fueled by myths and misconceptions. This event therefore aims to move the immigration debate in a positive direction by providing some facts, clearing up some myths and misconceptions, and providing the human side of the immigration debate. We will also look at how gender shapes immigrant experiences of work, political organizing, and transnational migration. Click to view poster.
Nelson De Witt + John Younger's "Identifying Nelson" (Film Preview), 4/15/14
Identifying Nelson shares a story of war, adoption, family, and identity. Adoptee Nelson de Witt was identified in 1997 as Roberto Coto, an infant who disappeared after a government raid on three guerilla safe house in Honduras during 1982. The raid resulted in the disappearance of a dozen Salvadorean revolutionaries, including Roberto’s biological mother, Ana Milagro Escobar. The wounds of the Civil War in El Salvador are still open and the truth about them has been obscured. Nelson will share clips from the documentary, which he hopes will help in the search for the at least 500 disappeared children who are still missing today. Click to view poster.
James McBride's “The American Dream Reimagined: Race, Ethnicity, & Education" Lecture, RESCHEDULED: 2/27/14
James McBride is the author of The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother, a New York Times bestseller, and The Good Lord Bird, winner of this year’s National Book Award. Click to view poster.
David Barsamian's “The Global Economic Crisis” Lecture 2/4/14
Renowned journalist and author David Barsamian will discuss various dimensions of the global economic and political crisis, the roots of the problem in the capitalist economic system, and new alternatives that offer hope for a different future. Click to view poster.
Our Disappeared, Film Screening, 2/3/14
“Our Disappeared” is director Juan Mandelbaum’s personal search for the souls of friends and loved ones who were caught in the vice of the military and “disappeared” in his native Argentina during the 1976-1983 military dictatorship. Click to view poster.
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