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Undergraduate Visual & Performing Arts Courses

VP 200 Critical Thinking in the Arts

The experience of art, music, and theatre to develop individual critical thinking in the similarities and differences among the arts.

Offered every year. 3 credits

VP 300 Interdisciplinary Arts Seminar

Prerequisite: VP 200

Examines examples of contemporary modes of interdisciplinary works of music, theatre, and visual art with the goal of developing an individual, creative aesthetic.

Offered every year. 3 credits

VP 400 Capstone/Senior Thesis

Prerequisites: VP 200, VP 300

Students research, design, and create works of art, music, and theatre for public presentation and evaluation by a faculty board of review.

Offer every year. 3 credits

VP 405 Independent Study in the Arts

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

An opportunity for students to examine topics not ordinarily covered in other arts courses.

Offered every year. 1-3 credits

VP 435 Internship in the Arts

Prerequisites: 2 relevant arts courses

Advanced students gain practical experience in a working arts environment.

Offered every year. 3-12 credits.

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