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Transfer Students:
  Students taking general education courses in another college or university are required to contact the Worcester State University Admissions Office regarding matriculation and transfer of credits. Transfer students are only admitted into the sophomore class. Current qualified Worcester State University students have priority over external transfers.

All transfer student applicants for Track One who have previously been enrolled in a nursing program in another college/university must submit, as part of their application, a letter from the dean or director of the nursing program indicating that they left in good standing and were eligible for readmission to that program.

Worcester State University students can apply for transfer into sophomore year courses. Selection of students will be by space availability, availability of faculty/clinical agencies, and on evaluation of the applicant's grades. All transfer students will be held to the same requirements and standards as those students admitted directly into Worcester State University as a first-year Nursing major. In addition, transfer students may be required to interview with a nursing faculty member, provide a writing sample, and take a math quiz as part of the admission process.

Transfer students may only apply two (2) times for admission into the nursing major.


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